Georgia Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts


Our Commitment to a Diverse Community

The Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts enthusiastically embraces the values set forth in the Georgia Tech strategic plan – a welcoming, inclusive culture; mutual respect among faculty, staff, and students; celebration of uniqueness in thought, background, perspectives, and intellectual pursuits.

These values are inherent in all that we do and are set forth in the principles that guide our work. 

  • Our policies and practices will demonstrate respect for all human beings, regardless of how those people may differ.
  • The rights of all people to function with dignity are crucial, whether we are interacting within this vibrant intellectual community, or with others across our streets and around the globe.
  • We recognize that engendering a spirit of inclusiveness and respect and creating, thereby, a climate in which we can all thrive requires each of us to be socially conscious and culturally well-informed, and to operate with a keen sense of ethical responsibility.
  • We believe that, when we accept that human excellence has the capacity to emerge from many, many sources, a strong and enabling sense of community can be set in motion, a belief that makes quite real an enabling of our greatest expectations.

At Georgia Tech and in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, we expect high performance and world-class achievements in research, education, and public action, and we believe that with an inclusive culture, these expectations become, not just possible, but predictable and sustainable.

Dean Jackie Royster (center) with members of the IAC Student Advisory Board

Dean Jackie Royster (center) with members of the IAC Student Advisory Board

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