Georgia Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Facts & Stats

Student Enrollment: 622 undergraduate majors, 255 Masters and Ph.D. students

Faculty: 202 faculty members (132 permanent and 70 temporary)
All permanent faculty and 90% of temporary faculty hold Ph.D.s

Undergraduate Student/Faculty Ratio: 5:1

Undergraduate Student Profile

55% female - 45% male
63% white - 37% minority (Asian, Black, Hispanic, Multiracial)
40% of IAC majors complete at least one semester-long internship
39% of IAC majors participate in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
71% of Ivan Allen College B.S. students graduate with international experience
Academic profile of 2013 freshman class: 
High school GPA 3.81/4.0
Combined Verbal and Math SAT: 1331


10 undergraduate majors including 4 joint degree majors
43 Undergraduate Minors and Certificates
3 five-year B.S. / M.S. programs
6 M.S. programs, including nationally acclaimed programs in Digital Media, Science and Technology Policy, and International Security
6 Ph.D. programs
18 Summer Study Abroad programs

Ivan Allen College has sustained a 36% average annual increase in sponsored research awards. Since 2002, the College has been awarded more than $36 million in grants. The Ivan Allen College Research Plan includes independent, faculty-guided research and a research-based senior thesis.

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