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Overview of Ivan Allen, Jr. Exhibition

Ivan Allen Jr. was one of Atlanta's most dynamic leaders and is credited with launching the city's greatest period of economic development and social transformation, both as mayor (1962-1970) and as a private citizen. This exhibition celebrates his enduring legacy.

Ivan Allen Jr.

"History did not simply happen to Ivan Allen. He actively shaped it."
Bruce Galphin Atlanta Constitution
"Ivan Allen Jr. possessed the intelligence, the broad vision, the integrity to push Atlanta to greatness."
John Sibley
"He carried Atlanta when Atlanta needed carrying."
Carl Sanders former Georgia Governor
"With unflinching courage, he guided this city through some of its most turbulent waters."
Coretta Scott King
"Ivan Allen is a legend in Atlanta and for Georgia Tech. He was a national leader during the crucible of the Civil Rights movement, and he always been a loyal and dedicated Georgia Tech Alumnus."
Dr. Wayne Clough former President of Georgia Tech
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Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Social Courage
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