Georgia Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Undergraduate / Graduate Programs

Five-year Bachelor of Science / Master of Science in Public Policy

This program enables students to obtain both a Bachelors and Masters degree in just five years. The Bachelor of Science in Public Policy provides strong analytical, communication, management, and leadership skills to students seeking careers in public service, law, and the private sector. These skills are coupled with a solid understanding of the complex political, social, and economic forces that shape public problems and their solutions.

Students develop a valuable mixture of abilities in thinking, research, communications, analysis and evaluation, governing and managing, in-service training and education, and technical specialization.

An important part of the undergraduate program in Public Policy is to learn how to navigate among the many disciplines that are used to shape strategic decisions. These include economics, political science, sociology, ethics, statistics, and philosophy. Knowledge and techniques from these fields are integrated in core and elective courses, culminating in a senior research project (often conducted for a public or nonprofit agency) that demonstrates students' disciplinary and interdisciplinary agility. In addition to the School's academic advising structure, every student is assigned a faculty mentor who will help with course selections, internship and research opportunities, and career preparation.


  • City Planning
  • Economic Development
  • Law
  • Risk Management & Communication
  • Campaign Management
  • Biotechnology & Ethics
  • Environmental Policy
  • Graduate studies in Law, Urban Planning & Policy Studies
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