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The School of Public Policy

The School of Public Policy houses one of the world's top programs in the field of science and technology policy. Faculty are engaged in the interdisciplinary enterprise of problem solving in the public interest especially concerning science and innovation, the environment, economic development, and governance of information technology. More often than not there is a direct connection to quality of life and the future of our communities. Students are prepared for professional level analysis of the ethical and philosophical dimensions of policy. Courses enable them to combine political, social, economic, and ethical approaches to practical problem solving in a technology-infused environment.



  • Biotechnology and Ethics
  • Campaign Management
  • City Planning
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Policy
  • Law
  • Public, private, and not-for-profit sectors
  • Risk Management & Communication
  • Biotechnology & Ethics


Public Policy graduates may pursue advanced degree programs in Law, Public Health, Policy Studies, Statistics, and Urban Planning.


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