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Bachelor of Science in Science, Technology, and Culture

Film student Siddharth Kantemneni speaks about STAC

The BS in Science, Technology, & Culture (STAC) develops interdisciplinary expertise and perspective on how cultures shape, and are shaped, by science and technology. Georgia Tech's STAC program is unique in its emphasis on communication skills, cultural interpretation, and textual analysis. Unlike similar programs, which look at science, technology, and the humanities as separate entities, STAC examines the modes of communication and understanding common to them all. As a result, students learn to master the range of methodologies of literary and cultural analysis needed to understand and interpret texts ranging from novels and films to scientific journals and web pages that our society uses to communicate and to understand itself. STAC students pursue a course of study that is genuinely multidisciplinary and international, and that draws upon the multiple strengths of the Georgia Tech faculty. Students are equipped with technical, scientific, and cultural skills that few of their peers can match.

STAC students’ coursework can be used for a pre-medicine cluster, a pre-law cluster, an environmental studies cluster, or any other certificate or minor concentration. Students are also encouraged to develop practical experience in the form of co-ops or internships; STAC has established ongoing relationships with companies like IBM, Macquarium, Penton Publishing, and CNN.

There are several “Tracks” or focuses within this degree program:

Media Studies
Gender Studies
Biomedicine Studies
Plus 5-year BS/MS Media Studies


  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Education
  • Film and Theater
  • Information Technology
  • Journalism
  • Publishing
  • Teaching
  • Web Design
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