Georgia Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Ivan Allen College Internships

Students enjoy internships for pay or for academic credit.

With 70% of employers requiring new hires to have internships or other on-the-job training, internships are an important part of the student experience. Ivan Allen College undergraduates are encouraged to complete at least one internship. Some of our Schools ask students to complete multiple internships. Internships help students choose a major and career, they increase a graduate’s appeal in the job market or when applying for advanced degree program. Students with internship experience often command a higher starting salary with employers.

Students seeking internships benefit from Georgia Tech’s deep roots in the Atlanta community, our overseas institutions and partner universities. The Ivan Allen College supports students through advising. Internships are generally planned during the sophomore year with the assistance of an advisor. Students intern for pay or for academic credit. Internships can be completed during the summer or during the academic year.


Students seeking more extensive financial assistance can take advantage of the Cooperative Plan which has been offered at Georgia Tech since 1912. Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Cooperative Education, ours is one of the largest optional programs in the country and the highest ranked program among public universities.

The Co-op is a five-year program begun in freshman or sophomore year for students who wish to integrate practical experience with theory learned in the classroom. Students work full time on alternate semesters gaining invaluable practical experience in work environments available at more than at more than 650 employers throughout the United States (as well as numerous international assignments). Typically, co-op students can save enough from their earnings to pay for more than half of their school expenses.

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