Georgia Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Giving Opportunities

To enable Ivan Allen College to maintain and fulfill its vision, the College is seeking private support for its strategic needs. Such support is necessary because public sources of funding have neither the purpose of nor the flexibility to enable the College to realize its future programmatic potential.

For Permanent Endowment:

Endowment funds enable a donor to make an indelible impact on a program, faculty member, student, or faculty. Invested so as to maintain and grow their value in perpetuity, funds given to endowments provide the College with a steady and dependable stream of income over time. Unrestricted endowments provide maximize flexibility in meeting pressing ever-changing needs and supporting new endeavors; restricted endowments allow donors to specify particular interests and concerns. Because these funds are permanent, Tech extends to donors the opportunity for named gift recognition.

Unrestricted Program Endowment

Named School/Department - from $10,000,000
Named Center - from $5,000,000
Named Program/Center Endowment Fund - from $25,000
Named Facilities - Please Inquire.

Unrestricted Faculty Endowment

Named School Chair(s) - from $2,500,000
Named Faculty Chair - from $1,500,000
Named Faculty Professorship - from $750,000
Named Eminent Practitioners - from $750,000
Named Faculty Term Professorship - from $500,000
Named Artist-in-Residence - from $500,000
Named Visiting Faculty Professorship - from $100,000
Named Faculty Endowment Fund (Full) - from $500,000
Named Faculty Endowment Fund (Partial) - from $25,000
Named Lectureship - from $100,000

Undergraduate Student Support

Named President's Scholarship - from $200,000
Named Scholarship (Full) - from $200,000
Named Scholarship (Partial) - from $25,000

Graduate Student Support

Named Fellowship (Full) - from $300,000
Named Fellowship (Partial) - from $25,000

For Current Operations:

Unlike endowment, current operating funds are available for use in the year in which they are received. Gifts and grants may be designated to the College or any of its Schools and may remain unrestricted in use therein. Such funds support core academic and programmatic goals, as well as provide seed funds for emerging initiatives. Restricted gifts and grants may support a variety of initiatives within the College or its Schools including, but not limited to faculty research, undergraduate scholarship and graduate fellowships; faculty support; and academic program enrichment.

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