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Stuart H. Goldberg

Stuart H. Goldberg PhD

Associate Professor - Russian

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Office: Swann 318
Phone: 404-894-9251

Dr. Stuart H. Goldberg received his PhD in Slavic Languages and Literatures from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He joined the Georgia Tech faculty in 2003. His expertise lies in Russian and Polish literature and culture, with a focus on Russian poetry. His book, Mandelstam, Blok and the Boundaries of Mythopoetic Symbolism, published in 2011 by Ohio State University Press, explores the influence of the younger generation of Russian Symbolists on the Osip Mandelstam and Mandelstam's play with distance and immediacy in his assimilation of the Symbolist heritage. It was chosen by the journal Choice for their selective list of "Outstanding Academic Titles, 2012." Dr. Goldberg has published scholarly articles on Russian poetry in Russian Review, Slavic Review, Russian Literature (Amsterdam) Slavonic and East European Review, and Slavic and East European Journal. An article exploring the possible influence of Jewish Kabbalah on one of the masterpieces of Polish Romantic theater was translated into Polish and republished in a collection printed by the Polish Academy of Sciences ("Konrad i Jakub: Hipotetyczny podtekst kabalistyczny w III czesci Dziadów Adama Mickiewicza," in Polonistyka po amerykansku: Badania nad literatura polska w Ameryce Pólnocnej (1990-2005) [Warszawa: Instytut Badan Literackich Polskiej Akademii Nauk, 2006]). In 2005-2006, Dr. Goldberg was recipient of a Fulbright grant, funding eleven months of research in Moscow and Petersburg. Dr. Goldberg’s current research considers the changing face of sincerity and authenticity in Russian poetry from the eighteenth century to the twenty-first.

Dr. Goldberg teaches all levels of Russian language and leads Georgia Tech's intensive summer immersion program in Moscow. He offers courses on Russian literature, film, and culture taught in Russian and in translation. He conceived and directed the US Department of Education funded Georgia Tech Critical Languages Song Project, an innovative curricular development project which brought together faculty designers in Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Russian and graduate student programmers in Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction. The resulting materials for advanced study of language and culture through the prism of song are now available at

Selected Publications

  • Mandelstam, Blok and the Boundaries of Mythopoetic Symbolism

    Ohio State University Press, 2011

  • "'To Anaxagoras' in the Velvet Night: New Considerations on the Role of Blok in Mandelstam’s 'V Peterburge my soidemsia snova.'"

    Russian Review 69 (April 2010): 294-314.

  • "Original Sincerity: Some Thoughts on the Poetry of Boris Ryžij."

    Russian Literature 67.1 (February 2010): 67-83.

  • "The Shade of Gumilev in Mandel΄shtam’s Kamen΄ (Stikhotvoreniia [1928]). "

    Slavonic and East European Review 87.1 (2009): 39-52.

  • "Sootnoshenie podlinnosti-iskrennosti v poetike Mandel’shtama i Bloka."

    Miry Osipa Mandel’shtama. IV Mandel’shtamovskie chteniia: materialy mezhdunarodnogo nauchnogo seminara, 31 maia – 4 iiunia 2009 g. Perm’ – Cherdyn’. Perm: Izd. PGPU, 2009. 271-85.

  • "‘Kak trudno rany vrachevat’…’: Mandelstam’s ‘Prescient’ Evasions of Bloom."

    Russian Literature and the West: A Tribute to David M. Bethea. Part II. Ed. Alexander Dolinin, Lazar Fleishman and Leonid Livak (Stanford Slavic Studies. Vol. 36). Stanford: Stanford UP, 2008. 27-43.

  • "Preodolevaiushchii simvolizm: Stikhi 1912 g. vo vtorom izdanii ‘Kamnia’ (1916)"

    “Sokhrani moiu rech’…”  4/2. Moscow: RGGU, 2008. 487-512

  • "Christianity and Romanticism in Tjutčev’s ‘Pevučest’ est’ v morskix volnax.’"

    Russian Literature 54.2 (2008): 177-200.

Academic Research Fields

Film Studies, Language and Culture through Song, Poetry and Poetics, Polish Literature, Russian Culture, Second Language Acquisition

Geographic Focus

Poland, Russia/Eurasia
781 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA 30332-0525