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  • Milani Speaks on Iran Nuclear Strategy

    April 16, 2014

    Professor Abbas Milani of Stanford University engaged Georgia Tech students and faculty in a dialogue on Iran’s nuclear program on April 14, 2014. Professor Milani’s visit was sponsored by the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, with the nuclear program discussion facilitated by the Center for International Strategy, Technology, and Policy (CISTP) and the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs. Nunn School Assistant Professor Margaret Kosal served as event moderator.

  • Southern Economic Journal to publish a paper by Besedes

    April 15, 2014

    The Southern Economic Journal will publish "Effort and Performance: What Distinguishes Interacting and Non-interacting Groups from Individuals?" by Prof. Tibor Besedes and co-authored with Cary Deck (U of Arkansas), Sarah Quintanar (U or Arkansas Little Rock), Sudipta Sarangi (LSU), and Mikhael Shor (U of Connecticut). The paper examines experimentally which feature of groups allows them to avoid free riding of their members. A working paper version is available here.

  • Four LMC Poets Collaborate on Book

    April 14, 2014

    The collection, published by Poetry Atlanta Press, is called On Occasion: Four Poets, One Year. The four - Karen, Head, Blake Leland, JC Reilly, and Robert E. Wood - regularly meet to share and critique one another's work. At one point, the four gave themselves a year-long writing assignment, and the collection features poems on the changes in seasons, holidays, vacations, and other life-altering events.

  • Synlab Inspired by African Map and Artifacts Exhibition

    April 10, 2014

    The concept of the lukasa board, a cultural artifact of the Luba people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, fell onto the fertile ground of Georgia Tech's Synaethetics Laboratory, better known as the “Synlab,” which the university established to explore opportunities provided by new media and to support creative practices that bridge the physical and digital words.

  • Africa to Top CIty's International Agenda in 2014

    April 10, 2014

    Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said at City Hall that the African continent would be “at the forefront” of the city's international agenda during 2014 coinciding with Africa Atlanta 2014, a citywide year-long series of events.

  • GT Model United Nations Emerges Victorious

    April 08, 2014

    Sponsored by the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, the Georgia Tech Model United Nations (GTMUN) Competitive Team keeps up the momentum at a recent competition, MUN-E II, hosted by Emory University. After receiving a spot in the top 75 North American teams ranking by Best Delegate, GTNMUN spent April 3-6th at Emory University competing in Emory’s Model United Nations crisis competitions. 

  • McDonald Heads Initiative in Sports, Society, and Technology

    April 08, 2014

    A coach — that’s what Mary McDonald dreamed about becoming when she was a little girl. And for about nine years of her career, she made that dream a reality.      

  • Africa Atlanta 2014: Bringing Africa’s past, present and future to Atlanta

    April 07, 2014

    Africa Atlanta 2014 is an exciting event with an opening that officially kicked off Feb.

  • 2014-2015 IAC Student Ambassadors

    April 07, 2014

    Congratulations to our newly-appointed 2014-2015 Ivan Allen College Student Ambassadors.

    IAC Student Ambassadors act as liaisons between the College and prospective students and their families, guests, alumni, business partners, and friends of the College by engaging in activities that:

  • Africa Atlanta 2014 Aims to Strengthen Ties Between Us

    April 07, 2014

    During a press conference in late February, Atlanta leaders took one big step to open that gateway when they launched the year-long Africa Atlanta 2014 collaboration to highlight and strengthen their cross-cultural ties.

  • Woodall Participates in US-Japan Collaboration

    April 04, 2014

    Dr. Brian Woodall represented Georgia Tech at a US-Japan academia-industry research collaboration forum sponsored by Kobe University.

  • Woodall Receives Fulbright Grant

    April 04, 2014

    Brian Woodall, associate professor in The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, has received a 2014-2015 Fulbright U.S. Scholar grant to conduct research on Japan's energy and environmental policies in residence at Tokyo Tech. He will also be working to complete his next book project, which is already in progress.

  • Macrakis Unveils Hidden History of Invisible Ink

    April 03, 2014

    When Kristie Macrakis, professor in the School of History, Technology & Society, discovered a top-secret formula and method for invisible ink in previously secret Cold War archives, her heart started pounding like that of a kid who had just stolen a candy bar.

  • Best Begins Inaugaral Position at the CACM

    April 02, 2014

    Michael L. Best, associate professor in The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, is the new and inuagural global computing editor for the Communications for the Association for Computing Machinery (CACM).

  • Fulbright’s value in international relations scholarship

    April 02, 2014

    The Obama administration’s FY15 budget request to Congress includes a 13.5 percent cut to the Fulbright Program totaling $30.5 million.

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