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Ivan Allen College Media Resources

Ivan Allen College faculty has an extraordinary range of nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the social sciences and humanities as they relate to technology and science.

If you are seeking expert commentary, review our List of Experts, Faculty biographies, and Research summaries. If you are not able to locate an expert on the area in question, we encourage you to contact us for assistance.

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering
  • Digital Information & Interactive Game Design
  • China – Culture, History & Economics
  • Economics – Domestic & International
  • Educational Technologies
  • Environmental policy, Climate Change & Sustainability
  • European Relations
  • Gender Studies
  • Health & Biomedicine
  • History of Technology
  • Internet Governance
  • International Security
  • Latin America & Latino/Studies
  • Patenting & Innovation
  • Technology policy
  • Terror & Global Conflict
  • Transportation
  • Modern Languages & Culture

For information or to contact one of our faculty members, please contact:

Rebecca Keane

Jason Maderer

Matt Nagel

781 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA 30332-0525