Georgia Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Research in Ivan Allen College

From designing activism internet games to predicting the price of paper, Ivan Allen College faculty, research staff and students explore a wide range of social and humanistic issues. Many of them examine how society shapes and is shaped by science and technology.

The College is home to:

    • One of the largest concentrations in the nation of researchers on the science, technology, and engineering workforce
    • Distinguished historians and sociologists whose works characterize the development and impact of science and technology
    • Literary scholars and artists whose media are digital
    • One of the few policy schools in the nation with a focus on science and technology policy

The global reach of interests in the College is manifest in new research projects, such as the political and cultural influences on development of indigenous drugs, the role of scientific creativity in international economic development, and the role of information security in international relations. Ivan Allen College faculty are also increasing the diversity and interdisciplinarity of the liberal arts through research collaborations with scientists and engineers, as well as local, national and international academic, business and government partners.

Research at the Ivan Allen College is supported by foundations and government agencies including:

    • Department of Education
    • Energy Foundation
    • European Commission
    • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
    • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
    • National Science Foundation (NSF)



Visit the individual school websites for more about research within the Ivan Allen College.

History, Technology, and Society
International Affairs
Literature, Media, and Communication
Modern Languages
Public Policy

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