Georgia Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Research Centers

Research Centers

Allen Institute for Advanced Studies
Director - Ken Knoespel

Center for Advanced Communications Policy (CACP)
Executive Director - Helena Mitchell  

Center for Ethics and Technology at Georgia Tech
Director - Robert Kirkman, Co-Director - Jason Borenstein

Center for European and Transatlantic Studies
Co-Directors - Vicki Birchfield, Alasdair Young

Center for Paper, Business, and Industry Studies (CPBIS)
Director - Patrick McCarthy

Center for International Business Education Research (CIBER) Executive Director - John R. McIntyre; Associate Director – James Hoadley

Center for International Strategy, Technology, and Policy (CISTP)
Co-Directors - Seymour Goodman & Adam N. Stulburg

Center for Media Studies
Director - Ian Bogost 

Center for Urban Innovation
Director - Jennifer Clark 

Georgia Tech Center for the Study of Women, Science, and Technology (WST)
Co-Directors- Mary Frank Fox, Carol Colatrella, Mary Lynn Realff

Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC)
Acting Director - Mustaque Ahamad; Co-Director - Seymour Goodman

Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing (ITSC-Social)
Principle Investigator: Carl DiSalvo 

The James and Mary Wesley Center for New Media Education and Research
Director – Jay Bolter

Contact  – Susan Cozzens

Technology Policy & Assessment Center (TPAC)
Director – Susan Cozzens; Co-Director – Alan Porter

Writing & Communication Program Communications Center (CommLab)
Director - Karen Head



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