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Graduate Programs

Engagement with a changing world -- graduate students in Ivan Allen College go beyond studying the world --to changing it. Ivan Allen College masters degrees convey professional skills for industry or government. Doctoral degrees prepare scholars for research careers in dialogue with changing technology, globalization, and the public sector.

Consistent with the larger mission and reputation of Georgia Tech, the Ivan Allen College graduate programs are focused on rigorous professional and research practices. Advanced degree students become part of a vibrant interdisciplinary community of scholars who are engaged in ground-breaking research that is redefining the boundaries of liberal arts studies, often encompassing the technological and scientific realms. We maintain a small number of students in each program to facilitate close student-mentor relationships. Faculty and advisors are available to discuss your interests and help find the right program for you. This is an exciting intellectual environment where students define themselves, their work and their future.

Graduate Degrees within the
Schools of the Ivan Allen College

Master of Science Programs

Doctor of Philosophy Programs

School of Public Policy Fall Career Workshops

All in DM Smith 303

10/18/2013        2:00 PM        Careers 100: SPP Grad Careers
10/18/2013        3:00 PM        Careers 101: Career Searches
10/18/2013        4:00 PM        Careers 104: Careers & Social Media
10/18/2013        6:00 PM        Careers 107: Postdoc
10/18/2013        6:30 PM        Careers 108: Project Management
10/18/2013        7:00 PM        Careers 109: Consulting Careers


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