Georgia Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Why Ivan Allen College?

Our students at the Oxford Study Abroad Program.

We are setting a new standard about how the liberal arts are taught.

Students at the Ivan Allen College acquire the technical expertise characteristic of Georgia Tech graduates and the contextual understanding that is the hallmark of fine liberal arts education. You'll be part of a vibrant learning community that prepares you to assume a leadership role in a complex world.

Top 10 Advantages of Studying at the Ivan Allen College at Georgia Tech

  1. Studying liberal arts within a premier technological university
  2. Student to faculty ratio - 5:1
  3. Faculty who teach and are involved with students' interests and progress
  4. Research-intensive environment with faculty who are recognized as leaders in their field
  5. Innovative interdisciplinary degree programs that study subjects from a variety of perspectives
  6. Internships and study abroad programs that are second to none
  7. Reputation and job placement
  8. Undergraduate Research Option
  9. Real world engagement with the community and the world
  10. Atlanta! – the 9th largest city in America, the #1 destination for young urban professionals, and headquarters to some of the nation’s top companies. Georgia Tech is the hub for "entrepreneurial Midtown, the nucleus of Atlanta's tech and creative class." Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle, January 2015



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