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Strategies for Communicating Quality Expectations for Environmental Service
PI: Gordon Kingsley (PubPol)
Co-PIs: Juan Rogers and Daniel Matisoff (PubPol), and Baabak Ashuri (CE)
Sponsor: Georgia Department of Transportation
Funding: $298,281

Connecting Nuances of Foreign Status, Professional Networks, and Higher Education
PI: Julia Melkers (PubPol)
Sponsor: Arizona State University (sub-contract of NSF grant)
Funded Amount: $183,638

Course Development: Nuclear Security and Proliferation
PI: Rachel Whitlark (Nunn School)
Sponsor: The Stanton Foundation
Funding: $49,829

Science Policy Research Report
PIs:  Diana Hicks and Kimberley Isett (PubPol)
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Funding: $44,823

Collaborative Research: Science Policy Research Report: A Research Agenda For Science Of Broadening Participation (Sobp) 2.0: Stem Employment Of People With Disabilities
PI: Kaye Husbands Fealing (PubPol)
Co-PI: Paul M. Baker (PubPol)
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Funding: $30,000

Southeast Biomass Economics Research
PI: Marilyn Brown (PubPol)
Sponsor: Natural Resources Defense Council
Funding: $25,000

Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Digital Entertainment
PI: Brian Magerko (LMC)
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Funding: $19,984

Books by Faculty

Strategic Adjustment of Price by Japanese and American Automobile Manufacturers (Routledge 2017), a reissue of the doctoral dissertation by Kaye Husbands Fealing (PubPol) as part of the series Routledge Library Editions: The Automobile Industry.

What Does Georgia Tech Think?

Selected Press for Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Janet Murray’s (LMC) seminal book was evaluated retrospectively inHamlet on the Holodeck,” Twenty Years Later.” The book was reissued this year. The New Yorker, August 30.

Jenna Jordan (Nunn School) was quoted in “Game of Thrones Season 7: Each Character's Strategy, Ranked by Political Science.” Vox, August 28.

John Garver (Nunn School) was interviewed for the story As China and India Tussle in South Asia, a Pristine Mountain Kingdom Is Caught in the Middle.” The Los Angeles Times, August 28.

James A. “Sandy” Winnefeld, Jr. (Nunn School) interview on CBS's Face the Nation was featured in Retired Admiral: Basic Training, Maintenance “Stretched” on U.S. Warships Overseas. The Hill, August 28.

Karen Head (LMC) was interviewed in “Disrupt This!” Inside Higher Ed , August 23.

James A. “Sandy” Winnefeld (Nunn School) was interviewed on CBS This MorningThe interview and the story Ret. Admiral James Winnefeld Says Trump Afghanistan Plan a ‘Reasonable Way Forward.” CBS News, August 21.

Gene Kansas (MS DM 2016) was profiled about his latest project in  “New Auburn Avenue Co-working Space Aims to Foster Big Ideas.” Saporta Report, August 20. 

Lisa Yaszek’s (LMC) insights were featured in “Solar Eclipses Have Been a Science Fiction Theme for Thousands of Years.Vox, August 18.

Margaret Kosal (Nunn School) was quoted in “Detente in U.S. - North Korea Crisis May Not Last Long, Give-And-Take Welcome.” Sputnik International, August 17.

James A. “Sandy” Winnefeld, Jr(Nunn School) was quoted in “Where Will Trump And Kim’s Nuclear Brinkmanship Lead? CBS News, August, 13.

Margaret Kosal (Nunn School) was quoted in “Beijing Is Using Underwater Drones in the South China Sea to Show Off Its Might.” CNBC, August 12.

Ian Bogost (LMC) was mentioned in “Books and the ‘Boredom Boom’.” New York Times, August 11.

Margaret Kosal (Nunn School) was interviewed for “FBI Investigates Possible “Acoustic Attack” in Havana.” CNN, August, 10.

Margaret Kosal (Nunn School) was interviewed for the story “What Next for North Korea, Guam and Trump? Experts Weigh In.” Associated Press, August 10.

Sam Nunn (Nunn School) was interviewed in Sam Nunn Discusses North Korea and Russia.” Georgia Public Broadcasting, August 10.

James A. “Sandy” Winnefeld, Jr. (Nunn School) was interviewed in “Adm. James Winnefeld: N. Korea Sees Nuclear Weapons as “Survival Mechanism”.” CBS News, August, 9.

Jenna Jordan (Nunn School) was quoted in Why Killing Terrorist Leaders Doesn’t Necessarily Wipe Out Their Organizations.” Baltimore Sun, August 5.

Lawrence Rubin (Nunn School) was quoted in Where Do Al-Aqsa Protests Leave the Islamic Movement in Israel?” AL-Monitor, August 3.

Marilyn Brown (PubPol) was quoted in With Just 1 Plant Under Construction, Nuclear Renaissance Stalls.” WABE, August 2.

Lauren Klein (LMC) was featured in “The New Wave in Digital Humanities.” Inside Higher Ed , August 2.

Kristie Macrakis (HSOC) was quoted in Cold War Espionage Paid Off—until It Backfired, East German Spy Records Reveal.” Science, July 31.

Panel Assessing Whether ICANN’s US Jurisdiction Hurts Accountability, Domain Name Owners quoted the Internet Governance Project blog led by Milton Mueller and Hans Klein (PubPol). Washington Internet Daily, July 31. *Subscription required.

John Garver (Nunn School) was quoted in Bowl Him a Chinaman.” Outlook India, July 29.

Fei-Ling Wang (Nunn School) was featured in China’s Hukou System: An Interview with Fei-Ling Wang.” The Diplomat, July 19.

Richard Utz (LMC) was quoted in “Game of Thrones Is Even Changing How Scholars Study the Real Middle Ages.” Time, July 14.

Ian Bogost's (LMC) work was a focus of “Writing for Wider Audiences: Structural Challenges for Scholars.” Inside Higher Ed, July 11.

Chaunté Lowe (Economics alumna) was featured in “Olympic Medal, Earned; Glory, Denied; Future, Uncertain.” The New York Times , July 7.

Carl DiSalvo (LMC) was  quoted in “Farmer Tales: Concrete Jungle.” Creative Loafing, July 5.

Milton Mueller (PubPol) and Peter Swire (Scheller and PubPol) were quoted in “ICANN Ignores Data Protection Experts as It Considers EU Privacy Rules, Privacy Advocates Say.” Washington Internet Daily, June 27. *Subscription required.

Ian Bogost (LMC) was quoted in “Meet Binky, The Social Media App Where Nothing Matters.” NPR, June 14. 

Johnny Smith (HSOC) was quoted in If the Warriors Want To Take a Stand, Go To the White House and Shake President Trump’s Hand.” Washington Post, June 14.

Janet Murray (LMC) was quoted in 3 Ways Augmented Reality Will Change Your View in the Future.” Inc., June 9.

Milton Mueller (PubPol) was quoted in “AI Summit Aims to Help World’s Poorest.” Nature, June 6.

Graduate student Sally Xia (LMC) was featured in These Georgia Tech Students Won Toyota’s Mobility Challenge For Wheelchair-Geared Taxi App.” Hypepotamus, June 4.

Margaret Kosal (Nunn School) was quoted in “Bioinformation Wants to Be Free and Responsible.” Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, June 1.

Lisa Yaszek (LMC) was interviewed for “Why Do We Want Robots to Destroy Us So Badly?” for Gizmodo, May 26.

Margaret Kosal (Nunn School) was a featured expert in “The Complete and Modern Guide to Technology Convergence.” AT&T Developer Program Blog, May 15.

Tong Zhao (Nunn School Alumnus) was quoted in “North Korea Says Missile Could Carry Large Nuclear Warheads.” CNN, May 14.


John Garver (Nunn School) wrote the article “This Standoff is China Telling India to Accept Changing Realities." South China Morning Post, July 21.

Joycelyn Wilson (LMC) wrote “The Best Anti-Racism Teacher? Hip-Hop.” The Bitter Southerner, August 17. 

James A. “Sandy” Winnefeld, Jr., USN (Ret.) (Nunn School) wrote “Former Commander: Here’s What Happens When the President Orders a Nuclear Strike.” Fortune, August, 11.

Ian Bogost (LMC) wrote A Googler's Would-Be Manifesto Reveals Tech's Rotten Core.” The Atlantic, August 6.

Ian Bogost (LMC) wrote “Why Zuckerberg and Musk Are Fighting About the Robot Future.” The Atlantic, July 27.

Richard Utz's (LMC) wrote “Game of Thrones’ Among the Medievalists.”  Inside Higher Ed, July 14.

Sam Nunn (Nunn School) wrote “Open Letter to President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin” which was posted on the Nuclear Threat Initiative website, June 27.

Kimberly Isett (PubPol) wrote “Pennywise, Pound Foolish – Takeaways from the Senate Health Care Bill (Better Healthcare Reconciliation Act).” Georgia Tech Experts Blog, June 26.

Ian Bogost (LMC) wrote 10 Challenges for Scholars Writing for Wider Audiences.Inside Higher Ed, June 7.

Marilyn Brown (PubPol) wrote “Exit Paris Accord, Enter Carbon Tax?” for the CEPL Blog and Georgia Tech Amplifier, June 1.

Ian Bogost (LMC) wrote “Cryptocurrency Might be a Path to Authoritarianism.” The Atlantic, May 30.  


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